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Respect - find out what it means to you, and your team

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Respect is commonly misnamed as a value. There is a difference between being respectful vs. developing and displaying respect. Of course, respect is a valuable feeling. But it can often be something you build and earn with others. It is important to understand that the concept of respect is evolving. And we should be evolving with it. The reason we say that it isn’t necessarily a value, is because it isn’t inherently given to any one person. Respect is something that must be developed between people or for someone. It’s something that you develop, and it can change and evolve as well.

Reframing how we see respect

What Is our expectation of respect? Is respect automatically given and deserved? Respect is something we want from others. But do you necessarily feel respect towards everyone you meet? Respect involves a certain feeling of admiration and holding someone in high regard. This definition isn’t something you would necessarily apply to every person that you know. In fact, there is a big difference between having respect for someone or something and being respectful toward other people. This is where the definition of respect comes in handy. Although you can be respectful of a person’s feelings, values, boundaries, wants, or needs, ultimately respect is developed and built up over time. "Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners," Laurence Sterne .

There are generational differences between the definition of respect. Maybe your father grew up respecting his father because he was the man of the house? Maybe you grew up respecting a role model who accomplished a task you admire them for? But there are differences in what respect means in these circumstances. Breaking down what respect is and disconnecting from that meaning can help us redefine modern respect and what it means in the workplace. By breaking this down we can reframe respect in our minds.

Reignite the responsibility and accountability of respect

True respect comes with a certain level of accountability and responsibility. Respecting someone means being accountable to acting respectfully. We are responsible for demonstrating those behaviors in our relationships.

How can we solve the idea that respect is commonly misinterpreted? We can achieve this in the workplace by focusing on reconnecting with our team. These connections allow us to meet each other in the same place on a level playing field and work together as humans. Maybe the reason that respect is a misnamed value is that it is more of a responsibility towards your treatment of other humans than it is a right to have from someone else. And by showing others respect and being respectful, you can earn respect for yourself. Respect isn’t something we are entitled to have from others, although we all deserve to be treated respectfully.

Reconnecting to your team

Through education of values and the meaning of respect, we can develop deeper relationships with our team. Coaching can help you get to where you need to be and help you when you’re closed off and need to open your mind in order to evolve. This behavior will lead to bonding. And it is through education, bonding, and coaching that we approach these issues. It’s hard to meet everyone in your workplace and want to show them all respect. The thing is you don’t have to respect everyone, but you must show respect to everyone. And we can help you do this through our workshops.

We’re here to show you how important respect is. Respect, is something you want to have, but it’s something your team wants from you as well. Respect helps your teammates feel valued and seen. Feeling respected leads to fulfillment and true genuine connection. This helps with your alignment as a team and company. Using communication to open the floor and create a safe and vulnerable space while practicing respectful behaviors will go a long way towards developing a true bond with your team. And it’s through revisiting this education with the help of our coaching that you will see strong bonds develop.

Coaching can be a powerful tool in this process. This is why our skilled and trained team is here to help you. Through our listening tour, leader support, leadership alignment, and educational services, we can coach you through the necessary steps to achieving mutual respect between those you work with and even towards yourself. Acknowledging and establishing your values and ultimately living them out in practice sets the stage to allow for self-respect. Respecting yourself and your boundaries will allow you to practice respectful treatment of others.

Key Takeaways

With our services, we create the space for thoughtful reflection and learning. This will ultimately lead you to develop deeper connections and understanding of those around you. And the techniques and practices you learn in the workshops are skills you can carry with you into your personal relationships outside of work, helping you develop deeper and more meaningful connections and meeting the people in your life in a place of understanding. This is how we live out our values. You don’t have to name respect as one of your values. Respect is something you should be practicing every day. Evolve the very meaning of respect and let it change you and your behavior by practicing it with others. Workshop respect us and watch as your relationships develop compassionately and safely.


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