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Reframe. Reignite. Reconnect.

Transformative, human-centred services designed to spark conversation, vulnerability, growth, and realignment to personal and organizational values.


At Ember, our values are Care, Connection, Conscious Transformation, and Growth & Evolution. We bring our values to life by showing up and holding one another accountable with grace and respect. This is both our greatest challenge and strength. Diligently practicing our values with our team, partners, and clients is how we build integral relationships and is our most significant differentiator.  

Being human can be hard. It can often feel uncomfortable, complex, and overwhelming. This can be especially true inside the workplace. At Ember, we work with organizations, leaders, and individuals to create brave spaces where we can navigate challenging experiences, reconnect to who we are, and ignite the spark to evolve. 


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Listening Tour

Foster a greater understanding of your people’s experience. Listening tours create a brave space for participants to share openly and honestly through focus groups or individual interviews. This results in identifying root causes of complex problems. Employees feel seen, heard, and valued while providing leaders with the opportunity to receive targeted support in evolving their workplace culture.


Leadership Support

Explore and reconnect misaligned, fractured, or dysfunctional leadership dynamics. We help leaders and leadership teams develop clarity and commitment to showing up in a way that is aligned, connected, and accountable. We support leaders navigate complex human problems, evolve their values, and develop skills that amplify their team members.


Ember Education

Amplify individual contributors and leaders, alike, to rebuild and repair from challenges like burnout, stress, or difficulty managing conflict. Ember education creates space for thoughtful reflection, experiential learning, and intentional action. From 60-minute discussions to 3-hour workshops, activate growth and development with attention and awareness to encourage deeper connection and understanding of self and others. 

"In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they're about brains,
but in the future they'll be about the heart."

                     Minouche Shafik, Director, London School of Economics

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