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Training and Development

Why choose EMBER EDUCATION services?

Ember Education is crafted to empower your leaders and employees with skills to navigate challenges in today's workplaces, including burnout, conflict management, and stress. Our team is here to steer your staff towards renewal, growth, and effective transformation through experiential learning. Because, in the everyday workplace journey, it's about equipping your team with practical skills for resilience and success.


Our training is a sanctuary for thoughtful reflection that empowers individuals.

Ember Education goes beyond just a program; it's a sanctuary for thoughtful reflection. Whether through dynamic 60-minute discussions or immersive workshops, we create a space for deep contemplation that empowers individuals to confront challenges directly, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement. We believe a learning journey is about creating a space for growth and self-discovery.


It ignites self-awareness and development. 

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Ember Education. We kindle greater self-awareness and development through experiential learning and intentional action, providing individuals with the tools to navigate challenges and cultivate a resilient mindset.


It builds deeper connections and understanding.

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, Ember Education stands out by fostering deeper connections and understanding. Activate growth with attention and awareness, creating a ripple effect that strengthens not only individual contributors and leaders but the entire fabric of your organization.



We offer sessions on:

  • Current workplace trends

  • Fostering Trust and Influence

  • Navigating Change

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Psychological Health and Safety

  • Developing a Values-Based Approach

  • Leadership Vulnerability and Transparency

  • Respect at Work

  • Mental Health vs. Mental Fitness

  • Developing a Positive Emotional Bank Account with Peers

  • Fostering a Thriving Culture

  • Feedback and Transparency

  • Developing a Coach Approach

  • Creating a Thriving Leadership Culture

  • Managing Burnout and Stress


Space for Reflection and Learning

Ember Education creates the necessary space for thoughtful reflection and experiential learning, laying the groundwork for sustainable personal and professional growth. It's about providing a space that nurtures continuous growth in both personal and professional life.

Unleash Greater Self Awareness

Witness the evolution of self-awareness. Ember Education empowers individuals to explore their potential, guiding a transformative journey that transcends limitations and unlocks untapped capabilities. We help empower individuals to reach beyond perceived boundaries and discover the vast possibilities within themselves.

Cultivate Deeper Connections

Forge meaningful connections that resonate beyond the workplace. Ember Education encourages a profound understanding of self and others, creating a culture where collaboration and empathy thrive.

Ready to activate growth and foster evolution within your team? Choose Ember Education – where every session is a step towards renewal, growth, and effective transformation through experiential learning.

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