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At Ember, our human-centred services empower organizations, leaders, and individuals to create space, facilitate connection, and contribute to advancing workplace culture. Our accepting, compassionate, and collaborative approach creates space to explore the complex human challenges showing up in the workplace. You'll receive tangible and targeted solutions to evolve the employee experience.

Ignite your workplace connections

Listening tour

Listening Tour

Creating care and connection in the workplace

Foster a greater understanding of your people’s experience through our listening tours. We create a safe space for participants to share openly and honestly through focus groups or individual interviews. This results in identifying the root causes of complex problems, gaps in the employee experience, and provides leaders with the opportunity to receive targeted support in evolving their workplace culture. Benefits: 1. Provides a safe space for participants to feel seen, heard, and valued. 2. Identifies sources of complex issues. 3. Gives insight into practices that can transform the employee experience.

Leader Development

Empowering leaders to reach new heights

Enhance individual leader development through clarity and commitment to personal values. This starts by understanding what is important to each of us and the behaviours that move us towards, or away from, our values. This service helps leaders more effectively navigate complex problems and amplify their team members. Benefits: 1. Helps leaders identify their values. 2. Encourages personal and professional leadership growth. 3. Develops skills needed to navigate complex human issues.

leader development

Leadership Alignment

Providing clarity and support in moving forward

Explore and reconnect a misaligned, fractured, or dysfunctional leadership team.   Ember listens with compassion to understand the current dynamics and challenges of the team to develop the commitments and behaviours needed to evolve. This service helps provide leaders with clarity on how to move forward with increased accountability to improve team cohesion and effectiveness. Benefits: 1. Develop clarity and understanding of the current team dynamics. 2. Challenges the team to confront miscommunications and unresolved conflict. 3. Encourages accountability and empowerment towards growth.


Ember Education

Developing teams and individuals

Amplify individual contributors and leaders to rebuild and repair challenges like burnout, stress, or difficulty managing conflict. Ember education creates space for thoughtful reflection, experiential learning, and intentional action that sparks self-development, growth, and evolution. From 60-minute discussions to 3-hour workshops, activate growth and development with attention and awareness to encourage deeper connection and understanding of self and others. Customized workshops and educational sessions can be curated upon request. Benefits: 1. Allows space for thoughtful reflection and experiential learning. 2. Sparks greater self-awareness development. 3. Forms deeper connections and understanding of self and others.

Ember education
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