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Durham District School Board

Helped out DDSB

We have been working with Durham District School Board (DDSB) for the last four years. The work began as a part of a system-wide facilitation of focus groups and interviews of teachers, support staff, administrators, corporate service staff, and leadership of DDSB. The goal of this project was to create an opportunity for all staff to discuss factors of their workplace experience that may be creating frustration, identify areas of improvement and report these needs back to system leadership. This work further evolved into the implementation of a system-wide survey, that helped provide DDSB with information that could support the further development of a psychologically safe workplace. In the last year, DDSB elected to build upon the work already completed and engaged Ember to facilitate school-specific interviews with all staff and leadership of the respective schools. This was done to better understand staff values, wants and needs for improving their experience within the school, as well as provide recommendations back to the school and system leadership on next steps.

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