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Get to know Ember

We wanted you to know why we do what we do, so here is a little about our group.

Our Values

Create waves of change

We create high quality, engaging and influential experiences, that positively affect the people, companies and communities we engage with.

It's a work in progress

We know it will get hard, mistakes will happen, and we encounter failures. We don’t stop trying. We take responsibility, spend time learning, and move forward. 

Be generous

We believe in people. In all our interactions we are kind, seek to understand, and strive to find ways to give. 

Take care of yourself, take care of others

Take care of your whole person, and we support each other to prioritize it.

Our Purpose

For us as individuals 

We commit and contribute to an unwavering desire to strive for excellence.

For our clients

Clients experience credible, compassionate, and impactful services.

For our brand

We are invited to share insights at market leading events and podcasts.

For our staff

Staff feel emotionally and tangibly supported, challenged and empowered at work.

For our community

We actively support the social efforts within the communities of our staff.

For the business

There is a sustainable balance between expenses and revenue generated.

Our Mission

We exist to SPARK CHANGE within workplace culture, through people centered services.

Ember’s mission is to be an awesome company. An awesome company is one that creates synergy between the people that work there, the clients it supports, the communities it operates in and the profit it generates. We aim to be one of the most respected and sought-after leadership and workplace culture companies in Canada.

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